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1. Invitation (The printed side should  face you; this is the bottom of your stack)

2. Tissue Paper (If desired.  This is an old tradition and not as common with modern brides)

3. Reception Card

4. Response Card (With the print facing you, tuck the card in the flap of response envelope with the envelope behind the card.  Remember to place a stamp on the response envelope)

5. Directions Card

6. Any other accessory cards (In no specific order)



1. Place the above stack of items inside the inner envelope with items facing the back of the envelope

2. Informally address the inner envelope (ex—John and Jane; Tim and Donna Smith)

3. Turn envelope over, but do NOT seal this envelope

4. Insert the inner envelope into the larger, outer envelope (The informal name on the inner envelope faces the back, or flap side, of the outer envelope.  This way, your guest will see their names when they pull out the inner envelope)

5. Address the outer envelope and prepare for mailing



1. You may purchase wedding-themed stamps to compliment your invitation from your local post office

2. ALWAYS assemble a complete invitation set and take it to your local post office to be weighed and checked for proper postage amounts.  (Remember--square and oversized invitations may require extra postage.  Please check with your local post office for guidance)

3. Request that your invitations be hand-cancelled (some locations may not offer this service.  Check with your local postal carrier)

4. Congratulations!  Your invitations are mailed!  Now you can look forward to seeing your guest’s response cards!