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Pickle Prints originated as a dream Erica O'Hara, Owner, had for many years.  While working full time in pharmaceutical sales and training, Erica constantly created, designed and mentally filed away ideas for wedding invitations, her real hobby, hoping  that one day she would design them for someone else.  


After a  series of multiple healthcare layoffs, Erica found herself between




From our hundreds of professional color palettes to our sleek, modern pocketfold wedding invitations, you’ll find all of the hottest styles and one-of-a-kind designs to help give your wedding a classy flair.  We’ll introduce you to unique wedding invitation ideas and layouts that will make your friends and family smile.  From contemporary, modern and elegant to traditional, simple and timeless—we’ve got all the perfect Pickles!



Free means FREE!  We don’t think you should have to pay to change the color of the ink you want printed  Nor do we feel you should be charged to select a custom font style.  We want you to be ecstatic when you see your invitations so we offer you unlimited rounds of proof adjustments to ensure everything looks exactly as you imagined.  Feel free to change your mind about the font style, verbiage or color and we’ll be happy to make the adjustments—FREE!  Want more free stuff?  We also include free envelopes, free e-proofs, free consultations and free custom designs to ensure you receive a one-of-a-kind look.  



We know you’re busy and don’t have time to add more things to your ‘to do’ list.  That's why we make sure to guide you through the entire ordering process, making it easy, pleasurable and stress-free.  Also, since we’re shoppers too, we can appreciate the fact that you like to receive your order in a timely fashion.  That’s why, from the moment your order is placed, we get right to work.  Pickle Prints never outsources any printing or graphic design work so your order is created, sent to you for approval and printed by the same person the whole way through in a flash!  


Our team works with each client, one-on-one, to select personal touches such as colors, fonts, verbiage and stationery sizes and layouts.  Every product you see in our Gallery has been designed exclusively for Pickle Prints clients so you know they truly are unique wedding invitations!  Contact us today to see how we can create the perfect invitation for you.

jobs and in a perfect position to give the customized wedding invitation business a real shot.  Before she knew it, a website was created, materials were ordered, business cards were printed and clients were flying in!  Pickle Prints was born…for real.


We are pleased to offer the most extensive selection of unique, customized wedding invitations and matching ensemble pieces in the area!  Our graphic designers create one-of-a-kind designs that you just won’t find on any retail shelf or in  wedding  bulk-order books.